PD Day Review, September 29, 2017

At the Kingston Community House at 99 York Street

Theme: Harvest Time
Caela Bolton, Lead Teacher
Barb Danielewski, Assistant Teacher

At this time of year we strive to have our nature table reflect the transition from Summer to Fall and the harvest season, with pine cones, leaves and harvest vegetables.

This time we had our drop off in the kitchen with the option to create with clay. The children greatly enjoyed doing this and requested to come back to their creations each time we had free time indoors throughout the day, adding more and more to their “worlds”.

After our clay free play we all sat down together to enjoy a circle time. This included songs, sounds and letters and acting out dramatic poems.

We then headed out to the park to enjoy the bright, crisp autumn day. They enjoyed climbing, sliding down the fire pole, playing catch, and we even discussed what braille was on account of there being a braille alphabet on the climber.

At the park and on the way back we took the time to gather leaves, trying to find as many different types and colours as we could. When we got back we took the time to sort our leaves into different colours. Sometimes it was tricky, since there could be more than one colour, but we all discussed and decided together where we felt each leaf belonged.

After our sorting we washed our hands and enjoyed our wonderful lunch of carrot and ginger soup, spelt bread, food and veggies.

Once we were finished our lunch we transitioned up to the couch area for a bit of rest and story time. After the reading of our drama story of the Muskrat and Turtle Island, one of the children did a wonderful job of reading to the rest of us, which we all greatly enjoyed.

We then transitioned to the beginning of our art project. This included the children painting a background for their picture using red and blue water colour paints. We then left those to dry while we visited the park again.

When we arrived back from the park we were greeted with the most wonderful snack of crepes with yogurt, jam, syrup and fresh fruit, which the children got to decorate themselves.

After we finished our snack we gathered together to act out our drama story with puppets. There were many characters in the story, which allowed for the children to participate greatly in the retelling. After we finished we sang some more Fall songs and read more harvest related stories to help us more fully engage with our harvest theme.

We were then able to finish our fall craft by gluing on pieces of string to create a tree trunk and branches, and then used our gathered leaves as the tree’s leaves to complete our creations.

Finally, we had free time to finish our clay creations and enjoy playing cards, drawing and reading books until pick up time. It was truly a wonderful day, where we were able to enjoy nature and each other’s company now that we are all back together again.

I would like to thank my assistant teacher Barb for being so helpful, flexible and accommodating as we start up our program again this year, as well as our volunteer Nadia for helping out on the day and for our lovely crepes. As well I would like to thank Kyra and Karen, for helping out with planning, supplies and food prep. As always it is only with such an amazing team that we are able to run such a wonderful program.