PD Day Review, October 27, 2017

At the Kingston Community House at 99 York Street

Theme: Pumpkins and Light/Halloween
Caela Bolton, Lead Teacher
Barb Danielewski, Assistant Teacher

In fall season and the lead up to Halloween there was quite a focus on pumpkins, Jack o’ lanterns and light (as represented by a lantern) as well as fallen leaves and other natural signs of fall throughout our day. This is reflected by both our chalk board and our nature table.

For this day, we again gathered in the kitchen to create with clay, however this time we focused on creating our own mini Jack o’ lanterns, with great success by all!

Once we finished with our creations we moved over to the story room for our morning circle. This circle consisted of many interactive songs and stories around the themes of fall and Halloween. We also discussed how we would categorize pumpkins if we were judging them; it was interesting to see what we each valued.

After we finished our discussion we moved on to a real pumpkin! All our friends were a great help in cleaning out our pumpkin and collecting the seeds which we would later roast to be part of our lunch and snack. When our pumpkin was all cleaned out it joined the mini pumpkin at our nature table.

We then all bundled up to head out to the park. Everyone was very excited to go and did really well getting there as a group and took moments to appreciate nature when we saw the opportunity. Much fun was had by all, on the swings, climber and playing tag before heading back for lunch.

Lunch consisted of homemade pumpkin and potato soup, rye bread, apple cider and veggies. It was a lovely meal to come in from the chilly weather to and we were truly thankful to Barb for getting everything ready for us.

After our nice meal we had a bit of a rest in the upstairs living room on the comfy chairs and couches. We heard the story of St Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio and a number of other picture books while we took the time to rest and appreciate each other’s company.

We then all came down to the kitchen for a guided painting of a Jack o’ lantern, taking the time of each colour and step to end with our final creations. Each person’s painting was a bit different, but they were all lovely and everyone tried their very best, which made it a lovely art time!

Once we finished our paintings we washed up and had some indoor free time in the back room. Dominos, puzzles and puppets were the favourite activities for this time.

When we had all finished up our free time activities we moved over to the story room for afternoon circle and other activities. We started with some songs and stories related to our fall and Halloween theme, before moving on to acting out a retelling of our rest time story about ST Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio. All the children acted out their parts very well! Afterwards we moved on to our activities of pin the face on the Jack o’ lantern and making up and telling our own stories with paper puppets. The stories were wonderfully creative and well delivered; we even had a little ventriloquist question and answer time on top of our stories.

After our activities, we separated into two groups for some free time indoors and outdoors before snack. Our snack consisted of wonderful sweet potato pastries, yogurt with jam and apples curtesy of the lovely Nadia, which we all greatly enjoyed!

Finally, we all came back into the craft room in the back for free art and weaving of paper baskets. The children did a wonderful job using their fine motor skills to weave the paper pieces through their baskets, before colouring them to truly make them their own.

As always I am truly thankful for all the wonderful people who contribute to each of them days, before, after and during! Kyra for the supplies and guidance; Brooke for the pumpkin and your wonderful supportive nature; Anje for the last minute supplies on the day; Karen for the help with plans and mentorship; Nadia for the wonderful snacks and all your help on the day and finally to my wonderful assistant teacher Barb, I have no idea what I would do on these days without you! I look forward to next time and I will leave you with our lovely nature table that we contributed to throughout the day.