PD Day Review, November 24, 2017

At the Kingston Community House at 99 York Street

Theme: Gift giving/Holidays
Caela Bolton, Lead Teacher
Barb Danielewski, Assistant Teacher

Our main focus for this PD day camp was the holiday season and especially what it means to give and receive gifts. This was represented through crafts, stories, songs and other activities.

The day began in the kitchen with two crafts at the big kitchen table. First we made pinecone people with beeswax heads, pinecone bodies and felt capes (we would then save these to add to a later craft). After that the children coloured cardstock winter/holiday themed decorations and added them and beads onto a piece of string to made an ornament. We then got the children to help us hang it on the small tree on our nature table.

After our crafts we had a bit of free time in the back room before coming together for our morning circle. During this time we sang a number of songs, including some holiday ones that a number of the children knew; we also talked a lot about giving and what it means to give something to someone else, how that can feel. We furthered this conversation through some books as well.

Once we finished our circle we gathered together in the kitchen to prepare our shortbread cookies. The children helped to roll the dough out and used star and snowflake cookie cutters to make them more festive. They worked both independently and together to make sure that we were able to use up all the dough and they seemed to take pride in their ability to create these cookies for everyone.

After we had cleaned ourselves up and gotten all bundled we headed out to the park. We were joined at this time by Kyra would joined us with Sodo for the walk and our time at the park. As always the children loved to see Sodo and vice versa. Once we were at the park many of the children became very interested in playing a version of soccer on the tennis court with a ball provided by one of the children. They did a great job of taking turns and making sure that everyone was getting time with the ball. At the end of our park time and on the way back the children all collected small sticks for us to use in one of our afternoon crafts.

When we had gotten back and cleaned up, we gathered in the kitchen for a delicious lunch. This consisted of a wonderful sweet potato soup made by Nadia, and bread, carrots and cider provided by our wonderful supportive staff. The children greatly enjoyed their lunch and were very thankful for the nice warm meal.

After lunch we had a bit of a rest in the upstairs living room. This gave us a chance to hear the story of the Little Lamb and for us to have some quiet rest and reading time on the couches and comfy chairs.

Once we had rested up it was time for our winter painting craft. Using red and blue paint the children created their own winter or holiday themed painting. They really used their creativity to make some interesting art pieces.

After we cleaned up there was a chance to have a more lengthy free time, mainly in the backroom area, where there was drawing, games, blocks and even some number games.

We them moved back to the kitchen for card making. The children each got a template card that they got to draw, colour and decorate however they chose. Many of them drew pictures and a number of them even wrote some lovely messages to the desired recipients.

Then we finally got to have our afternoon snack of our shortbread cookies, apples and cider. All the children were very excited to see how their cookies had turned out and we had a lovely snack time together.

Once the table and everyone were cleaned up we finally got to use our sticks from the morning. Using a cardboard base, plasticine, our sticks, fake moss and our pinecone people the children created their own stick homes that they were able to take with them. The children really took their time and created some wonderful structures.

As always I am truly thankful for all the wonderful people who contribute to each of these days, before, after and during! Kyra for the supplies and guidance; Brooke for a number of our supplies for the day; Nadia for the wonderful soup and for helping out in the afternoon on the day; to our amazing new volunteer Harper, who was simply lovely and amazingly helpful throughout the day; and finally to my wonderful assistant teacher Barb, I have no idea what I would do on these days without you! I look forward to next time and I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season!!