PD Day Review, February 2, 2018

Theme: Seeds for Spring/Nurturing Life and Living Things/Valentine’s Day
Caela Bolton, Lead Teacher
Barb Danielewski, Assistant Teacher

This PD we were focused on the lead up to Valentine’s Day, but also we addressed the life cycle of plants and how important these months are to prepare the seeds for spring.

We started our day in the kitchen with a special Valentine’s Day craft where we made heart picture frames and decorated them with buttons and glitter.

Once we finished our craft we all headed upstairs to have our morning circle. This consisted of winter stories, songs and poems. The children also greatly enjoyed playing the game of Old Cat, this would be a favourite throughout the day whenever we had free time and room to move on the floor!

After our circle we headed back to the kitchen to decorate our cupcakes for afternoon snack. The children really enjoyed spreading the icing, but especially arranging the berries, each one turned out quite different and the children took great pride in getting them just how they wanted.

We then had some indoor free time in the back room where the children enjoyed drawing, building and playing different games.

Unfortunately due to the cold we weren’t able to have our usual long trip to the park; however we had a wonderful time in the backyard. We played on the swings, played cats, build snow structures and created improvised birdfeeders for the winter birds.

Once we had warmed up from outside we had a lovely lunch of soup, bread, butter, carrots and juice. The children seemed to especially appreciate the chance to warm up their bellies as well as the rest of their bodies after our outdoor adventures.

After lunch we all headed upstairs for a bit of rest/quiet time in the couch area, where we could relax with each other and enjoy a first reading of our story of Snegurochka (The Snow Maiden).

Once we were all truly rested we moved back to the kitchen to paint some snowy pictures with our ‘puffy’ paint. The children made some wonderful pictures that really came alive with the 3D nature of the paint.

We then had some more indoor free time where some amazing building happened and the children also enjoyed playing with our new ‘ice castle’ felt pieces that they could create their own settings/stories with.

Our next activity was a recreation of our Snow Maiden story with the help of the children and some borrowed puppets. Each child had a part to play in the story and they all did amazingly well taking turns for their parts and we all around truly enjoyed our collective production.

After our puppet show we headed up for our afternoon snack of our Valentine cupcakes and apples. The children really enjoyed identifying the ones they decorated and were great at sharing with others who hadn’t been able to be there in the morning.

Once we had a bit more free time while everything was tidied up from snack we came back to the kitchen for a double activity time in the kitchen with planting/watering and ‘burying’ our seeds for the winter on our nature table and our final craft where we made our own hearts by cutting folded construction paper. This craft very quickly became even more creative then was first imagined, resulting in fox faces and Batman masks as well as hearts.

We all enjoyed our time together after the winter break and as always I would like to thank all the many people that come together to make these days happen. To Anje and Nadia for our wonderful lunch and snack foods; Kyra, Brooke and Barb for help with materials; Kyra for helping with support during the day; Barb for being the most wonderful right hand lady I could imagine; and finally to all the families for letting us spend the day with your wonderful children.