PD Day Review, April 13, 2018

Caela Bolton, Lead Teacher
Barb Danielewski, Assistant Teacher

This PD day we were focused on the current/upcoming season of Spring and we also belated celebrated the holiday of Easter.

We had a low key start to our day with free play in the back room where we had drawing, building with blocks, felt board options and other games. The children enjoyed showing their creative side, while also getting to meet a new friend.

Once everyone was there we tidied up and heading to our story/circle room where we had our opening circle. We discussed the seasons and what the signs of Spring were, which lead into our songs and stories related to Spring. Finally, we ended with a drama activity where we acted out the story of the Root Children. The children got very excited acting out all the different parts and were very engaging in their renditions of the various stages of the life of a root child.

At the end of the story Mother Earth hugged the Earth children goodbye and sent them on their way to the kitchen to make spelt buns for our lunch. The children enjoyed shaping them in Easter/Spring themed shapes (eggs, bunnies, sunglasses, etc).

When we finished these, we left them to rise and got ready to head to the park. At the park the children were excited to play in the cool early Spring air. They loved finding all sorts of natural treasures and even played pirate ship, using the play structure as the ship.

On arriving back we had a wonderful lunch of soup, our spelt buns and carrots. The table was made even lovelier on this day by the wonderful Spring yellow table cloth brought by Nadia.

Once we finished our lunch we headed up to the living room area for rest and story time. The children loved making their own comfy place to rest and listened to the story of Rumplestiltkin and some more Easter and Spring story books. After and good rest the children played one of their favourite games, Cat and Mouse.

After they had finished their game we all came down to the kitchen to make our Spring art with crayon drawings and watercolour to make some beautiful crayon relief pictures.

As they finished their art they headed to the back room for some free time. During this time a number of the children made some wonderfully silly story pictures.

We then transitioned to the story room for our puppet version of Rumplestiltskin. Nearly all of the children chose to be one of the characters and really enjoyed being their part and even doing some of the dialogue to really get into character.

Once we finished our production we headed up to the kitchen for a wonderful snack of mini apple pie desserts and apple slices.

As we finished our snack we cleaned ourselves up and transitioned to our final craft of the day, Easter/Spring clay figures. The children enjoyed expressing their creativity, by making their own sculptures that they could take home and decorate as they chose once they dried/hardened.

After the kitchen area and the children were both cleaned up from the clay we separated into two free time groups, one inside and the other outside. The inside group further explored their creative side with art supplies, while the outside group were appreciating the day before the rain came. We even got a chance to try out some new play equipment to play catch with before everyone was picked up.

I and all the wonderful people involved in our day thoroughly enjoyed spending time with these lovely and engaging children during our PD day program. However, we could not have had such and great day without the help and support of all the many people that come together to make these days happen. As such I would like to thank Anje and Nadia for our wonderful lunch and snack foods; Kyra for help with materials and for helping with support during the day; Barb for being the most wonderful right hand lady I could imagine; and finally to all the families for letting us spend the day with your wonderful children. I would especially like to say a thank you to the whole Mosaic community for being so welcoming to me as I took over the lead teacher position this year and for being so understanding of my transition away from being the full time lead teacher after this PD day camp for the rest of the school year. This change has happened as I have taken on a full time teaching assignment in Belleville until the end of the school year, which makes it so I am unable to attend the final PD days of the year. I have immensely enjoyed my time with you all and look forward to helping out in the future, whatever that may look like.