Mosaic Camp Review, August 6-17, 2018

Thank you for the support from Kingston Rotary Club, Mulberry Waldorf School, Kingston Mosaic parents and Board of Directors friends and supporters for all the generous donations-it’s because of all of you this camp is made possible!

Kingston Mosaic Summer Camp General Schedule:
9-9:45 or 10 – Free play outside (including climbing trees, building structures, imaginative play, play in the sand, etc)
10-10:30 – Circle (songs, games, stories)
10:30-11 or 11:15 – Morning craft
11-11:30 – Free play outside
11:30-12 – Lunch (made with mainly organic foods in a way that allows for differing dietary requirements)
12-12:45 – Rest (stories while the children are on mats and have a chance to rest if they choose)
1-3 – Guest or Afternoon craft with snack at 2:30
3-4 – Free play outside/free craft time
4 – Pick up

Highlights (Week 1 theme was The Jungle)
August 6th: Today we started with introductions and creating of name tags outside in the yard. During the day we also made watercolour paintings, made collages from pictures cut out of magazines and other materials and had a wonderful afternoon of painting with our lovely guest Franny. We also saw the start of our week long, epic sand creations.
Lunch was chili with tortilla chips and vegetables. Snack was more vegetables and fruit.

August 7th: During morning craft we started our papier mache masks craft using balloons and newspaper. Our afternoon workshop was costume making with Isodora. Many of the kids got so involved that they even made costumes for their stuffed animals!

Lunch was vegetable soup, bread, peanut butter and crackers. Snack was cheese, fruit and vegetables.

August 8th: Today instead of a morning craft we had our first opportunity for our wonderful volunteer Josh to run some gross motor activities and games for us. Our afternoon workshop was book making run by Lise. This again was a very popular activity and even became the most popular free time craft activity for the rest of the week!

Lunch was tomato pasta and vegetables. Snack was fruit and vegetables.

August 9th: In the morning we put the finishing layers on our papier mache masks and then had free craft time. Our afternoon was our big field trip to the Woolen Mill to have a presentation on turtles, which included a few turtle guests, by our presenter Kenny. We also got to go on a walk around the area to look for turtles in the wild, seeing a fair number!

Lunch was tomato pasta and vegetables. Snack was fruit, crackers and cheese.

August 10th: In the morning we collectively wrote a story to act out using our masks and did a bit of a practice. We then finished our masks by adding the strings and painting them, keeping in mind the characters we would be playing in the story. In the afternoon we also created costumes for our characters and did a dress rehearsal, before performing for the parents at the end of the day. Today we also had the wonderful help from Arwen as a volunteer!

Lunch was burritos made from beans, salsa and guacamole. Snack was crackers, peanut butter, watermelon and vegetables. We also go to have some wonderful gluten free cookies and bananas in celebration of the birthday of one of our campers!!

(Week 2 theme was Under the Sea)

August 13th: We started the morning craft time by making kites (first decorating and then gluing together), making creations with plasticine, and finally creating beautiful watercolour painting that would be used later in the week. In the afternoon we started by looking for leaves and flowers to press and later use for making candle holders, before we were again visited by Franny who lead us in some sea creature themed painting activities. We also had a visiting volunteer named Amy in the morning that was a lovely addition to our group and had some wonderful energy to bring to our activities.

Lunch was vegetable soup with bread and peanut butter. Snack was crackers, cheese and vegetables.

August 14th: In the morning we finished putting together our kites by adding the string and ribbons, before we spent some time flying them in the gym. We then spent some time creating some beautiful mosaics using donated pieces of pottery and grout. In the afternoon we had a wonderful time playing and experimenting with music, led by Liam Cole.

Lunch was pasta and vegetables. Snack was crackers, cheese and peanut butter.

August 15th: In the morning we started with a fun messy craft of creating bird feeders from pinecones, peanut butter and bird seed. We also finished our decoupage candle holders using our pressed leaves and flowers. After we washed up, we had our second opportunity for fun gross motor games with Josh! In the afternoon we had a wonderful time singing and playing songs with Gary Raspberry.

Lunch was soup with bread and peanut butter. Snack was crackers and watermelon.
August 16: In the morning we had a bit of a shake up to our routine and headed out first time for our field trip to the Woolen Mill to meet up with Kenny, this time to have a very interesting presentation (with visitors) and search for snakes. In the afternoon after we rested up from our busy morning we worked together on collaborative ocean paintings and made some ocean inspired clay figures.

Lunch was Alfredo based pasta and vegetables. Snack was crackers, cheese and watermelon.
August 17: In the morning we started the day with some collage making and making more clay figures. We that instead of free play in the yard we decided to go on a trip to McBurney Park. The children had tons of fun on the swings, climbing and other activities. In the afternoon we finished our time together making bird masks and painting our clay figures.

Lunch was cream cheese and cucumber or peanut butter sandwiches and vegetables. Snack was watermelon and crackers.

Overall these two weeks were greatly enjoyed by staff and campers alike and we were very lucky with our team. Elena and Clara were absolutely integral to the camp with their planning abilities beforehand gathering donations, arranging workshops and guests, organizing volunteers and many other things, as well as their fantastic work during the camp in both leadership and supporting roles. Caela for her help during the running of the camp and for providing much of the reading materials used during circle and rest time. Josh for his amazing contribution to our camp! Even though his official role was as a volunteer, his dedication, energy and enthusiasm each day made him an essential team member and we couldn’t have run the camp nearly as well without him. To our volunteer Alex, thank you for taking such an interest in our camp and community. Your presence was greatly appreciated by the campers and they truly enjoyed the time you spent with us! To Arwen and Amy, thank you so much for your additions to our weeks, even though you were only with us for the one day each, you were a wonderful part of those days and we really appreciate you taking the time to be with us. To all our wonderful workshop/activity leaders, Franny, Isodora, Lise, Kenny, Liam and Gary, the children absolutely loved the activities you lead and you added more than you can know to these two weeks! To all the wonderful people and companies that donated food and materials to our camp, we truly appreciate your generosity and love that you were willing to help make this camp as great as it could be for these amazing children! To the Mulberry Waldorf School, you are truly a bright spot in this community and the chance to run this camp in your school was an absolute dream! The space we were given inside allowed us to run any activity we could think of, with no concerns, and the outside space afforded us by your yard was wonderful and allowed for great use of imagination and creativity. To Kyra and all the other members of the Kingston Mosaic Board of Directors, it is wonderful to be given the opportunity to have the support and creative space to create something of this magnitude. Thank you for trusting us to bring our ideas to fruition. Finally, thank you to all of the parents of our campers this year. Thank you for bringing your children to our camp, it was a true pleasure to work with them and get to know them over their time with us!!