PA Day Review, May 2018

Karen Holmes, Lead Teacher
Barb Danielewski, Assistant Teacher

A beautiful sunny day in May for the last Kingston Mosaic PA-day of the 2017-2018 school year. The children made a lively May-green painting on a large canvas together using rollers, vegetable stamps and brushes. Our circle focused on the way animals wake up, and we experimented the sounds of B and P, as well as the vowel Ah.
The children helped make a delicious cauliflower and red cabbage soup, and then went for a wonder-filled walk filled with blossoms and flowers, and then for play time in the park. Classic spring ball games were taught and played. On the way to the park the children met a black squirrel eating an acorn. They called him/her Johnny! After snack, the children listened to and acted out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack’s seemingly foolish bargain fascinated the children: selling his cow for five beans was not so silly after all!
We then took the idea of buying and selling into preparations for a plant sale: the children potted plants, bagged ‘magic beans’, and decided what prices to charge for them. Taking our afternoon snack of smoothies and cookies outside, the children then sold the plants and other merchandise to the public.
Everyone had a good time in the sun! In between times we did some crafts (making bugs), sang some songs, and played some good games, including a favorite, Cat & Mouse.