PD Day Review November 30, 2018

Theme: Giving and Receiving/the Holidays
Caela Bolton, Lead Teacher
Barb Danielewski, Assistant Teacher
Amy Cadman, Assistant Teacher

This PD day we focused mainly on the lead up to the holidays and the importance of giving and receiving and how both can make us and those around us feel.

We started the day with some free time in the back room while everyone arrived, playing games and drawing/colouring. Once everyone was there we went into the kitchen to start our gift bag craft. We decorated our bags with colours, felt and wool, before leaving them to dry so we could fill them later.

Once we finished these we transitioned to our morning circle. During our circle we sang songs, talked about what the holidays mean, signs of winter, acted out a poem and read some stories.

We then moved on to the kitchen to get our gingerbread cookies ready. We worked as a team to get the dough ready and used cookie cutters to make the shapes and get them on the pans to be baked for our afternoon snack.

After we cleaned ourselves up we got ready to head to the park. At the park the children had a lot of fun playing games, building a small snowman and searching for natural things to put in our gift bags.

We got back in time to have a wonderful lunch of soup, bread and carrots. We all appreciated a nice warm meal after our snowy adventures.

Once we had nice full bellies, it was time for some stories and rest. We relaxed on the couched upstairs where we listened to the story of the Little Lamb and other story books.

After a nice relaxing break we came down to the kitchen for our winter painting time. Everyone made lovely watercolour painting based around a winter or holiday theme.

As we finished we all headed into the middle room for some free time where everyone really enjoyed playing games together.

We then tidied up and got ready for our puppet show and story time. All the children enjoyed being the different parts and getting their time to be in front of the group.

After all that hard acting work we had a nice afternoon snack together of our gingerbread cookies and apples. The children especially liked the cookies after all their hard work in the morning, they showed a real sense of accomplishment with their creations.

We then had a chance to fill our gift bags with our nature treasures and some donated crystals before tying them up to get them ready to take home with us.

After a bit more free time we had our last craft of Holiday cards. The children got to personalize them with colours pencils and crayons, different colour swatches and card pieces. They all looked wonderful and the children we very excited to give them to the intended recipients.

We all enjoyed our time together and it was nice to work with everyone again, as well as some new faces and as always I would like to thank all the many people that come together to make these days happen. To Nadia and Kyra for our wonderful lunch and snack foods; Kyra, Nadia and Barb for help with materials; Amy for our gingerbread dough; Laura, Bree and Dayna for being wonderful volunteers during the day; Amy for being a lovely assistant teacher during the day; Barb for being our wonderful woman behind the scenes organizing volunteers and other administrative things, as well as assisting on the day; and finally to all the families for letting us spend the day with your wonderful children.