Mosaic Summer Camp! (August 21-25, 2017)

A message from Kingston Mosaic Camp Instructors 2017:

Elena Heighton: “I am a student at McGill University, going into my final undergraduate year majoring in Psychology and minoring in World Religions. I am hoping to go on to do graduate work in counseling psychology and am interested in alternative therapies such as equine therapy, wilderness therapy and art therapy. I have been working with children, both one on one and in small arts based camps, for about six years now. I love working outdoors, doing arts and crafts, baking, and playing music. I am also interested in agriculture and work part time for a small organic farm. I’m excited to be a part of this camp and am looking forward to watching it grow in the coming years!”

Clara Troje: “I am very excited to be a part of Mosaic’s first summer camp. Currently I am a student at McGill University, majoring in Music and minoring in Music Education and Psychology. This will also be my third summer working as a camp counsellor at Gould Lake Outdoor Centre, and my fifth summer being involved in arts-based or outdoor summer camps. I love working with children, and am especially interested in music therapy, anthroposophy, and living communities such as Camphill. My other passions are playing clarinet, canoeing and kayaking, as well as comic making and painting.”

Kingston Mosaic is an organization inspired by the Camphill Movement, which strives to create social therapeutic communities that include people with special needs. Mosaic currently offers programming for children and youth with special needs, with the future goal of creating a full-time school and living community.

We are currently raising money to start a summer camp for children both with and without developmental disabilities with a focus on individual and collective creative expression. Our theme for this camp is sustainable agriculture and ecology and we will be putting together a puppet show with the kids based on these themes.

The money we raise will go to pay for instructors and educators in specialty areas such as woodworking and farming, as well as healthy (mostly organic) food for the children, and materials for various crafts and art projects.

Kingston Mosaic’s mission is to make this an affordable camp for the families of atypically developing children, who generally have many other expenses to cover. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated by the children and their families, and will help us to run this start-up camp, and future camps, successfully. Thank you!

“Go Fund Me”

PA Day Review May 2017 and Upcoming Programs


KingstonMosaic_LOGO_print 2017 JPEG

Kingston Mosaic is excited and happy to announce we are going ahead with our plans to offer a week long Summer Camp (Waldorf inspired Art, Music, Puppetry, Nature and more!) the week of August 21-25 2017 (details to follow).

We are also moving forward to offer Full Day (9am-4pm)  PA Programming for the 2017/2018 School Year (Sept. 29, Oct. 27 Nov. 24 2017 and Feb. 2, April 13, May 18 and June 29 2018).

***Space is limited for both programs so if you will like a spot please sign up well in advance***

Contact: email:      ///////        phone: 613-547-5871




Kingston Mosaic PD Day Review May 19, 2017
Theme: Spring transitioning to summer/Wind

Caela Bolton, Lead Teacher: (bio on previous post)

Barb Danielewski, Assistant Teacher: (bio on previous post)

Now that it is nicer outside we were able to bring more natural things from outside onto our Nature table, such as pieces of wood, beautiful stones and fallen flowers. To this we added other dried flowers and live plants to help show the many stages of our natural environment.

nature table mosaic pa day 2017


We again had a low key transition/drop off with free time in the main room with books, blocks to assist the children’s transition by allowing them to come in as they feel comfortable. Kezyan blocks Mosaic pa day May 2017


With the help of Kyra and Sodo, we then all headed to the park, where we were able to take full advantage of the climbing equipment, swings, and the nature around us. A number of the children also thoroughly enjoyed being creative with chalk that we had brought with us. Park Mosaic PA Day May 2017



Upon arriving back we got to work together to discuss the concept of size and sorting by using different sized and colored planting pots, before using a number of these pots to plant our donated lemon balm plants. mosaic pa day table May 2017

We then transitioned to our morning circle, where we further discussed sorting through a book about sorting spring. We also greatly enjoyed singing songs and acting out a story about summer weather.

Once we were finished being a wind storm we made our way into the kitchen for a delicious lunch of veggie/bean soup, bread with butter, cut veggies and dip. We used the beautiful handmade place mats that Nadiya made for us!  Nadiya also hand stitched many amazing aprons for us to use on baking and painting days!

Nadiya's placematts for Mosaic 2017

Nadiya's apron for Moasaic 2017

Nadiya's apron (2) for Mosaic 2017

After our lunch we split into two groups for rest time, where we were able to lay out and relax while we read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  mosaic pa day may 2017 resttime

When rest was over we all gathered downstairs for quiet free play, which included coloring, building with blocks, creating with felt pieces and puppet play. room mosaic pay day may 2017

Once we had tidied up everyone was encouraged to come together to act out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk with puppets. The children all enjoyed being the different characters and were very encouraging of their friends for their roles in the story.

We then made our way the kitchen to create our own small kites using tissue paper and ribbon. The children were very creative in how they chose to use these supplies for their own designs. Judah and Bodie Mosaic PA day May 2017

We were then able to take advantage of the mild weather by having free time outside in the backyard, where the children played together with some balls and on the swings. They also enjoyed playing pretend games with each other where they were different animals.

Kezyan Delphine Mosaic PA day 2017

swings mosaic pa day may 2017

Afterwards we made our way up to the main room for our last circle time. We enjoyed singing songs and reading books with each other before getting to work as a group with some Russian dolls that we were given to us for the day.

russian dolls Bodie Mosaic PA Day May 2017


They liked seeing all the different dolls that were hiding in each step and afterwards we worked together to sort them by size. These dolls were so popular that we played with them again during play time after snack!

Our snack this time was buns with butter and jam, herbal tea and the leftover veggies. It was a simple snack, but it gave us the energy for our last play time of the day.

For this time we separated into two groups, one in the back playing with bubbles and the backyard, while the other group headed out front for a small plant sale. This sale gave us a chance to interact with the community and while they were initially shy, they seemed to have a lot of fun trying to get as many ‘customers’ as possible.

Barb and Emmett Mosaic PA Day May 2017

Emmet, Judah and Bodie Mosaic PA day May 2017


All around we all had a wonderful day working and playing together and I feel blessed to be able to spend time with everyone again on your last PA day camp of the year.

Again I would like to thank my wonderful assistant teacher Barb, as well as a new volunteer Elena, Kyra, Anja, Chantel and Karen, for helping out on the day and with supplies beforehand.

Kingston Rotary Club-Logo

A special thank you to the wonderful Rotary Club of Kingston for supporting our program and also the Community House for their generous and ongoing support.   We truly could not have accomplished such a lovely day without you all!





PA Day Review March 2017

Kingston Mosaic PD Day Review Mar 3rd, 2017
Theme: Spring/St. Patrick’s Day

Lead Teacher Caela Bolton: Caela completed her Bachelor of Education in 2011 from Queen’s University. She holds a Joint Honors Bachelor of Science in Health Studies and Psychology from the University of Waterloo and has furthered her professional development by taking an AQ course of Special Education Behaviour and levels 101 and 102 of Sign Language from the Canadian Hearing Society. Over the years she has combined her love of working with children and her love of travel, resulting in being a teacher, teaching assistant, respite worker and nanny in Ireland, England and Canada. She is also a great lover of the outdoors, whether it is taking intensive hiking and camping trips in places like Peru and Iceland, being part of a hill walking club that goes rain or shine in Ireland, or simply taking a walk through a wonderful lake side area in Kingston. Caela also comes from a very friendly, energetic and eclectic family and as such has really enjoyed and felt at home in the wonderfully inclusive family community that she has found with the Mulberry Waldorf School and extended community.

Barb Danielewski, Assistant Teacher (bio on previous post)

Review written by lead teacher Caela Bolton:

Our nature table reflected this theme, by having our animal friends coming back out, the dried flowers, representing the growing season starting and even a live plant to show that we are heading towards greener times.

nature table mosaic march 03 2017

Our morning started out simply, with books, blocks, puzzles and fort building in the main room. It gave us all a chance to come in at our own pace, to meet new friends and to reconnect with those we already knew.


reading mosaic march 2017

We then transitioned to a morning circle, where we introduced the theme of transitioning from winter to Spring with books, songs and a drama activity.

After circle we moved on to making buns which we shaped like Shamrocks. The children really enjoyed working the dough to make the circles to create the shape. We were then able to have them for afternoon snack and enjoyed them all the more for the work that went into making them.

clay moaic march 2017                   dough balls mosaic march 2017

Since it was such a nice, albeit slightly chilly day, we were then able to get outside and spend some time in the nearby park. The children loved playing on the climber and seeing what natural things they could find in the area. We also all enjoyed singing on the way to and from; we even had a couple visitors join the group.

climbers park mosaic march 2017                            walk to park mosaic march 2017

We came back to a wonderful lunch of leek and potato soup, fresh made bread with butter and carrot sticks and cucumber slices with a dill, yogurt and sour cream dip.

table mosaic march 2017

After lunch we split up into two groups for a rest time that included a reading of Rumpelstiltskin.

rest mosaic march 2017

Once we finished our rest we all came together in the lower lever for quiet activities like drawing, puppets and felt board creations.

felt board mosaic march 2017

We then moved on to a puppet rendition of Rumpelstiltskin with a number of the children helping to act out the story through the puppets.

Next was a crayon relief painting activity, where the children were encouraged to draw a spring related crayon picture, which the followed up by painting over it with thin water colour paint resulting in the crayon drawing coming up through the paint.

harper painting mosaic march 2017                                    emmett mosaic march 2017

After we cleaned up from painting we all headed upstairs for free play and a group drama activity where we all acted like different animals. The children really enjoyed using their body creatively to more fully be the chosen animal. Others took this time to have a bit of quiet reading and block building on the other side of the room.

We then transitioned to our final story time of the day where we read about an interesting way Spring can come to us and sang some silly spring songs.

Once we were ready to move on we all traveled downstairs to a wonderful snack of our Shamrock buns with butter and apple butter, the left over carrot sticks and finally a lovely dessert tart made for us by an amazing volunteer who even made little bunny faces on the tarts.

bunny tart mosaic march 2017

Our final activity of the day was creating objects with clay. They were meant to be more Shamrocks; however the children’s imagination was so strong that they eventually branched out into their own creations which were even more wonderful.

crayon mosaic march 2017

My first day with these amazing children far exceeded any expectations and I feel truly lucky to have gotten to spend such a lovely day with them.

And thank you so much to our amazing volunteers, Erin, Leonie, Anja, Nadiya, Kyra and Karen for helping on the day and for helping prepare food and gathering supplies beforehand. We could not have done any of this without you and greatly appreciate all you brought to the day.

chalk board march 2017


February 3, 2017 PA Day Review

Kingston Mosaic PD Day Review Feb 3rd, 2017
Theme: Valentines Day/Nurturing Life and Living Things

Lead teacher Amanda Lynne Jahnke (Lead Teacher):  Amanda holds a B. Ed. specializing in Arts Education and Child Development and has worked in several Waldorf schools, in ECE and elementary grades. Amanda is currently developing earth based forest programming for home schooled children and parents with young children. She is passionate about allowing children to be their natural selves in natural environments with minimal interference.

Barb Danielewski, Assistant Teacher (bio on previous post)

The children arrived to the aroma of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves simmering on the stove.

The morning started in the kitchen with heart crafts –gluing big medium small felt hearts together, for some threading needles and sewing on a button and hanging ribbon.  mosaic felt heart feb 2017 Pa day

Mosaic Chalkboard Feb. 03 2017


Moved upstairs to an invocation tune on a wooden recorder for opening circle focusing on therapeutic gesture of expansion and contraction and seal bursting earth sounds. Winter and snow themed songs, verses and games.


Transitioned into puppet play and role playing games to deepen awareness of self in relation to other.
Sweet honey and sesame Ayurvdic ‘snowball’ snack before getting outdoor clothes on.

Mosaic pa day Valentines Feb. 2017              Mosaic Deli PA Day Feb. 2017

Began picking up fallen branches and cleaning up the yard. Started building a fort and decided to head to the park to find more sticks and branches. Drawing in the snow with sticks, gathering pine cones and playing games. Hugging a big pine tree and listening to it sing . . .

Delicious Lunch of borscht, perogies, and homemade spelt bread.

mosaic table feb 2017 pa day                        Mosaic Table Feb. 03 2017 PA Day


Story time – Snegurochka, the old wood cutter, his wife and Father Frost received a round of applause for Amanda’s storytelling around the Nature table. Then as the children snuggled into their pillow nests on the floor Barb read the Tomten and Owl Moon. Transitioned into co creation storytelling and quiet free play.
Some children joined in painting wooden treasure boxes as gifts to someone they love red, white and pink, also gluing fabric, ribbon and hearts.

Snack – carrots, cheese, apples, raisins, snowballs and hot chocolate, chai tea
completion of projects, clean up and get ready to go outside.

mosaic Judah and Bodie PA day Feb. 2017

Outside the children and teachers continued to work on fort, made a tea party for the birds to enjoy inside the fort with bird seed. Played a made up game of ice statues which involved one person being frozen and balancing an increasing number of ice cubes on their bodies while the others ran an increasing number of circles around the yard before checking on their statue and adding another ice cube!

Mosaic outside PA day Feb. 03 2017                  mosaic pa day feb 2017 icecubes

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers, Erin, Anja and Nadiya who added so much to this wonderful day.

Building Bridges Not Walls Speech Sydenham Street United Church 2017



Chantal Thompson and Kyra Walker Pearson presenting as invited guests at the Build Bridges Not Walls Event at Sydenham Street United Church, Kingston. 

.We are both local singer- songwriters, artists, teachers, Mosaic School board members.. and, we both have a developmentally delayed, disabled child.  The great gift of our very special children, and our deep love for them, brought us together, that is why we are here today.. Kyra ..and also the fact that there is an independent Waldorf School here in Kingston, Mulberry Waldorf School which is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary, where both our children and other Mosaic board members, Brooke Splinter and Dr. Anja Troje’s children attended for a time.

This is where we discovered Waldorf Education and the philosophy of anthroposophy, which lead us to Camphill, each other and other like minded people. We aspire to build a bridge to connect these principles with the mainstream.

Currently both our children attend a lovely public school, Central. The two schools are located in a vibrant downtown neighbourhood influenced by incredible parent, educational and arts communities.

Anthroposophy, the philosophy behind Waldorf education has within it components of Medicine (anthroposophical medicine); Education (Waldorf), Agriculture (Steiner is the founder of bio dynamic farming); the Arts (culture and community building), and non-denominational Spirituality.

It is a holistic view of human beings in body, mind, spirit and soul, and of the world spanning all time and religions. Rooted in spirituality, namely, love and striving for equanimity, objectivity, the constant striving of loving yourself, others and the world, and ultimately finding meaning and purpose in ones own life through sharing of ones individual gifts for the betterment of humanity.

Dr. Karl Koenig, founded the first Camphill Community, he was born in 1902 into a Jewish family and grew up in Vienna. In Austria he had a large medical practice as a paediatrician, and was also the mentor to a group of young people interested in Steiner’s anthroposophy. Koenig and other dedicated Jewish refugees, fled to Scotland in 1939 to escape Nazi persecution. Out of their group came the founders of Camphill. During the darkness of the Second World War, Camphill was to provide care to handicapped children who had been rejected by society.

‘The candle on the hill’ symbolizes a beacon of hope, illuminating the darkness and showing the way forward to a new and better world.

Now the Camphill movement has grown to more than 100 diverse communities in 22 countries around the world. The Kingston Mosaic’s vision of Camphill, will be an inclusive refuge not only for children with developmental disabilities but eventually encompassing a community of elders and others in need of support, whose programs and resources in these economically challenging times are scarce.

Kyra and a group of others founded the Kingston Mosaic Group inspired by the Camphill movement in 2013, and became a non- profit incorporated as Mosaic School, and currently we are in process of changing our name to ‘Kingston Mosaic’, once our name is changed we will be applying for charitable status. Kingston Mosaic has the support of a dedicated board, parents, faculty and members are mentorship from Camphill Ontario.  Kingston Mosaic intends to promote the creation and development of a holistic program of care, education and vocational training for children and youth with developmental disabilities, within the context of a social therapeutic community setting. We aim to move from occasional programming to regular programming within the next few years while building relationships with community partners.  Eventually we envision owning our own building and rural property for Kingston Mosaic and community alongside the ever growing urban component.

Our current website is: www. where you can sign up for our infrequent newsletters, or get in touch if you will like to offer your services that may help this initiative to grow. At the moment we are looking for volunteers to help us with professional accounting, grant writing, organize fundraising events and graphic design.

Please visit us at our table if you are interested. Thank you to the organizers of this event , we are very proud to be part of it.

In the words of Koenig –

“Let us, not do it in words, but in deeds. To serve, and not to rule;

to help and not to force; to love and not to harm will be our task.” 



PA Day Review

PA Day November 25 Review by lead teacher Karen Holmes
As the temperatures began to drop outside, the children gathered within the warmth of Kingston Community House making figures and houses out of wool, painting in red and blue, and creating ornaments to hang on a Norfolk pine that everyone agreed needed some love.
We ate delicious soup and home-made bread; and everyone enjoyed cookies we made using various cookie-cutters and snowflake shapes along with a warm cup of apple cider.

At circle-time, we sang and told of the dwarves and gnomes who burrow under the Earth creating castles out of underground caverns; and we walked the Light Spiral, each child lighting their candle from the big light in the middle, and receiving a blue jewel at the centre.


Children used puppets to act out these stories, as well as the old Ukrainian folk-tale of ‘The Mitten’.


Sensory activities included:  blanket rolling, felt-making in warm water, dough-rolling and working with clay.


The social theme for this PD-Day was giving gifts.  By the close of the day, the children were wrapping gifts in woolen mittens for members of their family and for their friends.


The next Mosaic PA Day Program will be 9am-4pm, Friday, February 3 2017 at the Kingston Community House (99 York Street).

Contact us from our website or email ( or phone (613-547-5871) to register.



next Puppet Workshop Saturday, November 5th, 2016 1-3pm at the Tett Centre!

Another wonderful puppet workshop on Saturday, October 29, 2016 at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, with puppeteer Annie Milne and her fantastic team! We made ghost puppets that were natural and lovely (and scary ha ha) and a perfect addition to home Halloween decorations. Annie added a performance element to this workshop and in groups we acted out puppet shows for each other and we had such a fun time. We danced, laughed, listened and created together.  Our yummy snacks were donated generously by the amazing Juniper Cafe!  The next puppet workshop is this Saturday, November 5th (at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning).

Registration: Email:   Phone: 613-547-5871


PA Day Program, October 2016 King Pumpkin/Skills for Self Care


We learned a lot about each of the children and were able to apply unique curative strategies and approaches.”             Karen Holmes


Another amazing and inspiring Mosaic School PA Day Program was held on Friday, Oct. 28 2016 (King Pumpkin/Skills for Self Care)  at the Kingston Community House (99 York Street). The paintings the children did are beautiful and inspiring.

After enjoying a game of PinTheFaceonthePumpking, children worked with pumpkin carving and the nature of faces.  What emotions are expressed in each face?  When you or others are feeling that emotion, what do you need?  What do you think others need?
Children used puppets and stories of compassion (e.g., Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio) to explore the responses that they can give to others in need.   The group made soup and roasted pumpkin seeds together, explored the outdoor world of leaves, and created lanterns and paintings using all three primary colours and their blending.

Our next program is (Warmth and Wool/ Practicing the Gift of Giving)  9am- 4pm, Friday, November 25, 2016 at the Kingston Community House. Payment by donation.


Email: and phone: 613-547-5871.